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How do robot work? 🤔

16 Dec 2021
How do robot work? 🤔
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A typical robot also has a movable physical structure, a sensor system, power supply and the computer which is the ''brain'' of the robot. 🧠

The robot's brain or computer controls everything attached to the circuit. The computer will switches all the necessary motors and valves to move the robot. You can change the movement or the command of the robots simply by using the program such as coding.
Sensory systems of the robots are various such as hear 👂 , smell 👃 or taste but common robot mostly has a sense of movement which allow the robot to move and monitor its own motion.
The power supply of the robot is the batteries and it can be rechargeable and non-rechargeable that suits the type of robots. 🔌
When all the component works perfectly then the robot can start doing its own work.
This is only the basics component of the robots, the more complex the task of the robots, the more components are needed for them.

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