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The Advantages of Pallet Changers❗️💯

28 Apr 2021
The Advantages of Pallet Changers❗️💯
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Pallet changers and pallet inverters allow the replacement of the wooden pallet with the plastic, aluminum or other ones used in production. 🧐
On the contrary, products on valuable pallets can be placed on wooden or disposable pallets for storage and shipping.🚛

It is also possible to replace damaged pallets that could interfere in the automatic production lines, or change damaged packaging in the lower rows of the pallet, due to damages incurred during handling of the goods to be shipped.🛳

Pallet changers are suitable for all types of loads and pallets, considering that the pallet change can be done by tilting, rotating, pressing or pushing the load. 🤩

The wide range of our mobile pallet exchanger, unique on the market, guarantees flexibility because it is not necessary to dedicate a zone for the pallet replacement operation.🤔

The line of table hoists and stationary pallet inverters is extremely versatile, offering excellent performance.

Maximum returns are achieved with pallet changer in-line integrated logistics systems designed for large handling volumes. 👍

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